About your Minnesota SCI

Mission Statement

Through legislative advocacy and the support of hunting as a sustainable conservation practice, Minnesota SCI is dedicated to perpetuating and protecting your hunting heritage and the rights of ALL hunters.

This is a resource for every member, and we hope that everyone can benefit from this website and our communication as an organization.

Code of Ethics

  • To promote good fellowship among all whom love the outdoors and hunting.
  • To promote conservation of the world’s renewable wildlife resources, recognizing hunting as one of the many management tools.
  • To educate youth, sportsmen and the public in conservation of our wildlife and our forests, which are our natural heritage.
  • To share our hunting experiences and information among our membership.
  • To operate the association as a non-profit organization, consistent with its charitable purposes, while providing enjoyment for our members, always with the goal of helping to conserve the animals that we love to hunt today—for those who will come to love the sport tomorrow.

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