Sportsmen Against Hunger

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Sportsmen Against Hunger™

With the large number of deer in Minnesota hunters can harvest, it is a good time to remember those less fortunate. There are many food shelves and kitchens around the state that accept venison. Many locations will accept wild game.

Sharing nature’s bounty with the hungry is a humanitarian success story that reflects the true spirit of the hunter.

  • With most huntable wildlife populations on the rise, annual donations of wild game meat and fish to those in need have also increased. Since Safari Club International started the program in 1989, tens of millions of meals have been served at local soup kitchens, food banks, or other charitable organizations, such as The Salvation Army.
  • Some hunters take their harvest to a licensed meat processor, pay for the processing themselves, and then donate the meat to the needy. Other hunters choose to share the meat from their freezers throughout the year. Because the demand for low-fat, low-cholesterol, preservative-free, high-protein meat is so great, these offerings by SCI members are vital to the nutritional success of food banks across America and the world. Through the network of international SCI chapters, several thousand volunteer members and friends continually explore opportunities to feed the hungry. Usually, most SCI members make individual donations.
  • During the months of November and December of 2004 alone, 142,795 pounds of donated meat provided 571,180 meals to relief organizations in the United States. During those months SCI Foundation provided hunters with a chance to enter and win one of 50 coveted Sako 75 rifles. By donating just five pounds or more of professionally processed meat directly to a relief organization, and using an official Sportsmen Against Hunger donation form. The top processors that helped deliver the wild game to relief organizations and sent in the official SAH donation forms were J Person NJ, Kelly’s Deer Processing MI, Russellville Locker MO, J & K processing SD, and Moon’s Meat cutting ME. All the participating processors that participating processors that participated in the SAH program also were able to qualify for an entry in a Sako 75 rifle.
  • The SCI Foundation and Salvation Army Reno, in association with a coalition of Reno-area organizations, businesses and public figures served more than 1,200 meals to the homeless, the under-housed an a veteran stand down. The Feed the Hungry Feast is one of the first events that took place around SCI’s Annual Hunters’ Convention in Reno.
  • Many of our SCI Chapter’s have successful Sportsmen Against Hunger programs. The Kentuckiana Chapter donated over 24,000 pounds, Central Missouri donated over 20,000 pounds, North American Handgun Hunters, NJ donated over 13,000 pounds and Central Indiana Chapter donated over 30,000 pounds in 2004 to name a few.
  • This year Missouri’s highest legislative body recognized SCI’s Central Missouri Chapter for its many outstanding contributions (like SAH, SW, SS trailer) the “Show-Me” state. The recognition, in the form of Missouri Senate Resolution 485 sponsored by State Senator Maida Coleman (D-5), detailed SCI Central Missouri’s tireless work and accomplishments since it incorporated in 1999.
  • A woman in the Sarasota area who was in need of organic meat due to her bout with breast cancer in Florida was answered within 48 hours of her appeal. Through the SCI Naples/Fort Myers efforts in contacting members, outfitters and friends they all pulled their resources and came to this women’s aid.

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Click here to open printable Humanitarian Services donation form.

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