Safari In A Box

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Safari In A Box

Safari In A Box: Safari In A Box is a K-12 education kit designed to provide exciting, hands-on learning. It gives teachers and others who work with young people resources and ideas to introduce youth to important concepts of habitat, wildlife management and impacts resulting from human and wildlife interactions.

The Box is suitable for use by teachers at any level, environmental educators in local, state and federal parks, 4-H and Scout leaders, wildlife conservation educators in State and Federal fish and wildlife agencies, community nature centers and hunting, fishing or trapping organizations who do wildlife education programs in their community. Safari In A Box is even being used in the children’s wing of a hospital.

Safari In A Box offers children and adults a hands-on wildlife experience in an urban, suburban, or rural setting, in or out of doors. For many, the Box is the gateway to appreciation of the outdoor world and provides their only contact with a wild animal. Safari In A Box helps adults and young people in our increasingly urban environment re-establish their connection with our land and their link to the natural world.

Learning with Safari In A Box

Safari In A Box demonstrates that:

  • Most animals are both predators and prey,
  • Similarities and differences exist between herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores.
  • Animals need food, water, shelter, and space in their habitat, and plant and animal succession plays a role in meeting these needs.
  • Some animals are endangered; others are not.
  • Different animal species have different adaptations for the same feature, such as fur.
  • Wildlife is a renewable resource.
  • Good wildlife management practices ensure the continuation of healthy wildlife populations.
  • Regulated hunting and trapping are part of good wildlife management.
  • Humans use animals for food, clothing, work and as pets.

SCIF Sables Hunting Heritage Scholarships: Believing that education of youth and women is the key to “Continuing Our Outdoor Heritage”, the Sables developed a scholarship program for college students. Scholarships are for wildlife and conservation programs.

BOW and More:

This workshop is aimed primarily at women but is an opportunity for anyone 18 years or older to learn outdoor skills such as hunting, fishing, camping whitewater rafting, photography, field sketching, backpacking, horse back riding, wilderness emergencies and survival. The six day session will be held at the Granite Creek Ranch located 33 miles southwest of Jackson, WY. Professional instructors will conduct the training courses.

The registration fee for the 6 day workshop includes all lodging, meals and roundtrip transportation to and from the Jackson, WY airport.

Safari in a Box

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What’s in the Box?

To provide a real wildlife encounter, Safari In A Box has some parts or products from real wildlife that were accidentally killed on highways, or legally harvested by hunters and trappers. The Box provides many items that are not easily obtainable through traditional educational sources but are vital to this type of hands-on educational experience.

The Box contains real or plastic replica skulls, pelts, rubber tracks, and rubber scat (feces) for common animals such as beaver, skunk, bobcat, coyote, raccoon, mink, muskrat, and deer. These items can be used in learning activities such as comparing animal adaptations for different habitats and differences in animal diet, or in fun activities such as making T-shirts with animal and predator tracks.

Lesson plans, activity suggestions, teacher’s guides and posters are included. The video, Habitat Earth-Wildlife, demonstrates the importance of habitat to all animals. Habitat Earth-H20 takes viewers on a journey that shows how humans contribute to impaired water quality.