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Preliminary Friday Auction List as of 1/16/2019
MN 1 person 1 day waterfowl hunt First Flight Finishers
1 Day South Dakota Spring 2019 Snow Goose Hunt for One Hunter Ducks R Down
$400 gift certificate towards a custom pen Squires Design
Certificate for one custom gunstock carving on the pistol grip handle. Sand Creek Art Carver
1 Day Howard South Dakota Pheasant Hunt for 10 guys, includes 35-40 pheasant, no lodgning included, additional days can be added Top Gun LLC.
Combination Hunt for Two Hunters for a credit of $4,000 ($2,000 credit per Hunter) towards Two Professionally Guided Trophy Whitetail Deer (150-300 Class). Also included is a $2,000 credit for Two Hunters ($1,000 credit per Hunter) towards a Trophy Exotic Hunt. There are more than 30 species that can be hunted. This package also includes 3 days and 2 nights of meals and lodging, guide fees, and field dressing/skinning/quartering of animals. Additional Trophy animals and/or additional hunters can be hunted at a 10% discount. Extra days/nights and non-hunters can be added at our posted daily rates. L and L Adventures
1 hunter, 1 observer included plus $1000 credit towards trophy fees in South Africa vaild 2019 or 2020 Thromhlen and Cochran Safaris
10 Bird pheasant hunt and a 1 year membership Wings North
6 days in south africa for 4 hunters, no animals included Gaspare Spanio Safaris
May-August 2019 This is a 2 day, 3 night guided float fishing trip in Montana with meals included for 2 people. Included in this trip are transportation to and from Butte, MT airport to the Iron Wheel Guest Ranch, meals, lodging, transportation to and from fishing area. Rainbow trout, brown trout, cutthroat trout Iorn Wheel Guest Ranch LLC
3 days 4 nights Mexico, Duck, Dove and Snook fishing for 2 people, hosted by Jim Riley Rileys Outdoor Consulting
8 day south africa 2 hunters hunting 2×1, 10x cull Impala and 2x cull Warthog to be shared Zeekoepan Safaris
10 Bird pheasant hunt and a 1 year membership Caribou Gun Club
2 day florida alligator hunt for gator up to 9ft Fox Brown Outfitters
4 person – 4 Hours of bow fishing on Friday Live Auction Edge Bowfishing
$500 taxidermy certificate Hidden Valley Taxidermy
5 hunting days for two hunters plus arrival and departure days. Total of 7 days. Namibia hunting 2×1 The Sporting trader
$500 gift certificate for work not under contract Toms Taxidermy
2 hunters hunting 2×2, 1x WHITE springbok and 1x BLACK springbok and 1x COMMON springbok
– 1x Common duiker and 1x steenbuck and, 1x BLACK wildebeest.
Jannie Otto Safaris
4 Day 3 Night fully guided trip for one person British Columbia fishing Nootka Island Lodge
South African Safari is for 2 x hunters (1×1) in the Limpopo Province. Included are 10 days of daily rates, lodging, meals and all beverages. An additional $1,000 towards trophy fees for each hunter are donated Joubert Pro Hunt
5 Day Argentina Red stag 2019or 2020 MG Hunting
$500 gift certificate Dakota Plains Taxidermy
7 days south africa for 4 hunters 2×1 and 4 observers, · Trophy animals donated are one of each specie to be shared by the hunters:
Nyala x 1, Blesbuck x 2, Impala x 2 and Blue Wildebeest x 1 .
This hunt is available for the 2019 or 2020 season.
Hunters can upgrade to take a discounted price of Sable at $ 5900.00 and Cape Buffalo at $ 10 900.00.
Africa Maximum Safaris
All WTA TAGS fees waived for 3 years Worldwide Trophy Adventures
20 gauge SCI over under shotgun of the year Fausti MN SCI
6 nights for 2 hunters $1,500 in trophy fee credit for each hunter in south africa Legadema Safaris
5 day hunt in spain for 1 hunter includes $2,000 in trophy fee credit Giueppe Carrizosa
6 day 1 hunter 1 observer Plains game in south africa includes $1,000 trophy fee credit Ross Lange Safaris
Trophy Red deer hunt OR a Trophy Fallow deer hunt OR a Trophy Mouflon sheep hunt (hunter´s choice) in Salamanca (Spain) for the 2018-2019 season. The hunt is valid until a trophy bull is collected or wounded. The number of days for this hunt is unlimited, however, the hunt is over if the trophy is collected, wounded or if 3 reasonable chances are missed. Alfonso Fabre
10 days $2,000 trophy fee credit total, must shoot 4 animals in south africa Global Safaris
One year gold membership Bills Gunshop and Range
$500 gift certificate Wild Concepts Taxidermy
Classic retreat Spalon Montage
12 days south africa for 2 hunters sharing 10 trophy animals, 2 Black wildebeest 2 blue wildebeest 2 Impalas 2 springbuck 1 Duiker 1 steenbuck Marupa Safaris
$500 taxidermy certificate Ledford Taxidermy
4 day long range shooting school in powers oregon, no meals or lodging included, its an intensive training from 8:00am to 7:00pm each day. Hollands Shooters Supply
$500 gift certificate Two Rivers Taxidermy
Life Membership MN SCI Life membership
3 day high volume dove hunt for 4 hunters in cordoba David Denies Bird hunting
5 day hunt in Argentina for 3 hunters includes one blackbuck and one ram to be shared Catena safaris
Black Walnut wood pedestal for a whitetail deer or similar sized animal mount Jeff McCall
Lamadrid Retreat Spalon Montage
1 round of golf for 4 people Mendakota Golf and Country Club
Cheetah at Rest – Original Oil Painting by Michael Sieve This painting has a 12″ x 24″ image size. Art Barbarians
5 day 1 hunter 1 observer, south africa safari includes trophy fees for one impala, 1 blesbuck, 1 blue wildebeest and 1 day of golf a Euphoria golf and lifestyle estate, which is a Annika Sorenstam 18 hole championship course. Data safaris
5 day hunt for one hunter plus a non hunter companion, must shoot 2 animals Escapaza
$500 Gift Certificate MN Valley Taxidermy
2 day Texas Javelina hunt for 2 Hunters Lyendecker Safaris
1 person, 2 bird Archery or Shotgun Turkey hunt in Nebraska for merriam and rio turkeys Heritage Outfitters
4 day long range shooting school in powers oregon, no meals or lodging included, its an intensive training from 8:00am to 7:00pm each day. Hollands Shooters Supply
2 day 3 night trophy class boar hunt for 1 hunter in Michigan, meals and lodging is included Bear Mountain Lodge
2019 5 Whitetail Hunt in Colorado November rut Cassidy Outfitters
2 day hunt for 2 hunters in Texas includes choice of one sheep Texas Dall, Corsican, or black Hawaiian sheep, for each hunter, does not include daily rates of $300 per day per hunter and hunters agree to take one extra animal each  Action Outdoor Adventures
10 day south africa for 2 hunters and 2 observers includes all daily rates and trophy fees for 1 golden wildebeast, 1 springbuck and 1 blesbuck, to be shared. Hunters must also shoot 2 big and 3 small animals from the price list. Includes topur of Kimberly open mine or Vaalharts irrigation Makhulu Safari Lodge
3 nights 3 days for 1 Wild Free Range Scottish Red Deer
Location: Argyle Scotland
Method: Spot and Stalk
Accommodations: Cottage
Airports: Preferably Glasgow , but Edinburgh also possible , airport pickup included.
Not included: Lunch and Supper (we eat at local pubs and restaurants, they add a lot of local color and culture)
Species and days may be added.
Sika and Red Deer $2000 each
Roe deer $875
Scottish Goat on Isle of Jura $2000
Soay Sheep free range $2000
Additional days $500 per day
Non Hunter $200 per day
Point Blank Hunts
2019 – 2020 Victoria Island Muskox Hunt All Inclusive of : Hunt , 1st and last nights hotels in entry city in Canada and Arctic , general admin fee, Arctic flight booking fee, return Arctic airfare, 5% GST tax not included. Not included: Hunt Lic and Tags , 250.00 AWRF, meals in transit and hotels, additional hotel nights due to weather or delays, tips, travel to Edmonton Alberta Canada
Open dates in 2019 or 2020 *Hunt must be taken by 2020
Canada North Outfitting